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Are you looking to lease commercial space? By strategically analyzing and creatively assessing which tenants align best with the unique attributes of your property, you can attract and secure the ideal tenant for your commercial real estate


The evolution of society is changing how we work, shop, and spend our leisure time. Tenants are placing new demands. Flexibility, sustainability, and the office’s role in fostering culture are becoming increasingly important. How can landlords and tenants best adopt to these changes to ensure the highest possible satisfaction, collaboration, and productivity? It’s about recognizing and highlighting the potential of each property, and connecting commercial spaces with organizations so that the individuals within them thrive and perform at their best. This synergy enables businesses to achieve their goals effectively.


Through systematic monitoring and mapping of the leasing market in Norway’s four largest cities, we maintain a detailed overview of current rental prices and their projected trajectories. We discern the needs of businesses in pursuit of new premises, their precise criteria and expectations for future commercial spaces, and the evolving societal demands. Our proficiency lies in effectively pairing the idea tenant with the optimal commercial property. In essence, we facilitate enduring and harmonious collaboration between landlords and tenants.

Office space

We provide comprehensive support to property owners, property managers, and property developers in leasing and renegotiating various types of office spaces located in central districs. Our services range from individual office space units and entire floor spaces to office building suitable for single, large-scale tenants. Additionally, we facilitate the subleasing of of surplus office areas for businesses in need.

Storage and logistics

We offer expertise in leasing, renegotiating, subleasing, and locating warehouse, industrial, and mixed-use properties across the Greater Oslo area, including Akershus, parts of Østfold, and Buskerud, as well as in other major urban centers. With extensive expertise, we specialize in optimizing utilization and converting specializes buildings, typically situated outside the central business districts of these areas.

Concept and Identity

Every building and area possesses unique characteristics, qualities, distinctive features, and opportunities. Similarly, every organizations is distinct. Businesses seek spaces that align with their identity and facilitate cultivation of a vibrant culture where their employees can thrive and perform at their best. For extensive leasing assignments, we craft a tailored concept for each property that resonates with potential tenants. This approach aim to meet market demand, optimize the property’s utility value, and enhance its revenue potential. The identity of the office space, the building itself, and the surrounding environment play a crucial role in targeting the appropriate audience when marketing your property. We collaborate closely with architects, interior designers, and building consultants throughout this process, which we refer to as conceptualizing.

Our local presence provides insight

Real estate is inherently a local business. Therefore, we maintain offices with leasing services in Oslo, Trondheim, and Bergen. Our advisors possess comprehensive, localized knowledge of property conditions, offering invaluable insights for the leasing of commersial spaces.


Leasing a property?

Does your company have commercial spaces to lease, or are you searching for new premises? We market your property through both proprietary and shares channels to reach potential tentants. How can we assist in meeting your needs?

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