Sustainable corporation

DNB er en pådriver for bærekraftig omstilling

We focus on three prioritized areas where, as part of the DNB Group, we have the greatest potential to influence outcomes. 

Net zero emissions and sustainable transition

DNB is committed to being a leading advocate for sustainable transition, utilizing the group’s expertise and delivering services to assist clients in adopting sustainable practices. DNB Næringsmegling incorporates sustainability into market research and, in partnership with the group, will provide market insights and expertise to aid clients in the commercial real estate sector in comprehending trends, opportunities, and risks associated with the green transition . For further information, please refer to our (Sustainability News) Sustainability News

Diversity and inclusion

Our aim is to achieve long-term value creation, ensure customer satisfaction, and to be an attractive workplace. We are convinced that to accomplish this, we must reflect the society we belong to. Embracing diversity in gender, age, skills, cultural background, experience, abilities, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and beliefs provides us with a broader range of perspectives. This diversity better equips us to address challenges, serve as relevant advisors, and offer the highest quality services to our customers.

Economic Crime

Economic crime is a serious societal issue and a threat to the welfare state, undermining a healthy business environment. We work systematically to prevent our products and services from being used for criminal activities.

DNBs Environmental profile

As Norway’s largest financial group, DNB has significant influence on the sustainable transition. We are committed to considering climate and environmental factors through specific goals and measures in the management of our daily operations, including office buildings, transportation and procurement. All entities supplying good and services to DNB are assessed for risk, including sustainability and human rights risks.

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