The Freedom of Information Act

Fundamental Human Rights and decent working conditions

Human rights and decent working conditions are of significant focus for DNB, guiding our daily efforts to uphold these principles. At DNB, we recognize the significance of fundamental human rights and decent working conditions across multiple dimensions: notably as an employer, provider of banking and financial services, purchaser of goods and services, and in our lending and investment practices. We also acknowledge our role as a pivotal societal entity.

Fundamental human rights encompass internationally recognized standards derived from key frameworks such as the UN covenant on economic, social, and cultural rights (1966), the UN covenant on civil and political rights (1966), and the core conventions of the international labor organization (ILO) concerning essential rights and principles in the workplace.

The primary responsibility for safeguarding fundamental human rights lies with individual nation-states. Through national legislation, states impose autonomous obligations on businesses to ensure compliance with these rights. Notable examples of such legislation in Norway include the Working environment act, the gender equality act, and the freedom of information act.

DNB Næringsmegling and the Freedom of Information Act

The Freedom of Information Act imposes requirements on larger enterprises domiciled in Norway that offer goods and services within or outside Norway. The law also applies to larger foreign enterprises providing goods and services in Norway that are liable to taxation in Norway. The Freedom of information act applies to DNB Næringsmegling. The requirement for enterprises covered by the law include conducting due diligence assessments and providing disclosures accordingly.

Please see the disclosure under the freedom of information act for DNB Næringsmegling here

You can learn more about how our parent company, DNB Bank ASA, ensures compliance with the requirements of information act, and where you can inquire for further information: Freedom of information act DNB


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