DNB Næringsmegling is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of valuation services.

The valuation team has over 30 years’ experience from the auditing, financial and real estate industry. The majority of our advisers are certified, which means that they fulfil RICS’ strict requirements for competence and accountability. Our reports are written according to the standards in RICS’ Red Book.

DNB Næringsmegling AS values commercial property worth a total of around NOK 100 billion each year. Through this work, and in cooperation with our analysis unit, we have a large number of references that confirm our position. We value commercial property in all parts of Norway. If needed, we can offer tailor-made reports and present the results to the customer and the customer’s stakeholders.

DNB Næringsmegling is one of Norway’s leading suppliers of valuation services.

Your needs

Our valuations are used for a range of purposes, among other things to quantify and concretise factors such as

  • fair market value in accounting (IFRS)
  • values to fulfil the requirements of financial services institutions
  • calculations of value-adjusted equity in various company structures (incl. AIFMs) based on independent values, so that investors can buy more or sell off property
  • whether or not a potential commercial property transaction is in line with market expectations
  • which strategy gives the highest return for property owners
  • values in disputes

Our clients

Our clients are located in Norway or abroad and include banks and financial institutions, real estate companies and investors, contractors and developers, as well as consulting companies, advisers and auditors.

Please contact us for information and a valuation offer – we quantify your values!